"I have a shirt I never wear. Can I send it to you to tie dye?"

"I have a shirt I never wear. Can I send it to you to tie dye?"

Since starting The Trash Pile the most common question I get asked usually goes something like:

"Hey Taylor, I love your tie dye. I have a few things I never wear that I'd love to send to you to work your magic on. Do you do that kind of thing?"

The short answer is: YES!

The long answer is: I love to tie dye t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, sweatpants, and just about anything in between especially when it means they stay out of landfills.

The Trash Pile really only began because my several of my friends let me tie dye literal stacks of their t-shirts during the pandemic. Not only did they give me the opportunity to experiment, they also helped create demand for a business I never knew needed to be launched.

They'd wear a shirt, their friends would ask where they got it, they'd come to me and ask if I could tie dye their shirts, and the cycle would repeat itself. Soon enough I had the thought:

hey, maybe I could make a business out of tie dying people's old t-shirts?

More than a year and literally hundreds of shirts later, I figured I'd formalize this process a little more for anyone who's curious!

Step 1:

Decide what item(s) you want to send in for a makeover. You can check these listings to get an updated list of my custom prices.

Before getting excited about sending an item in to be tie dyed, look at the item's tag. It must be at least 80% cotton in order for me to bleach dye it. Items that are 50% cotton will still work, but results are less crisp. Items need to be at least 50% cotton for normal tie dye (non-bleach). 

Step 2:

Start your order. I'll need to know what style you have in mind for your custom. I'll reach out to you once you've placed your order to make sure I have all the details right and get your color requests (I have way too many colors to list here).

Step 3:

Submit your order. Return shipping per shirt will be charged at checkout.

Step 4:

Once you've submitted your order, mail your item to:

The Trash Pile

302 South 740 East, Unit C307

American Fork, UT 84003

I will confirm with you once I've received your item in the mail.

Step 5:

Wait for me to work my magic! Processing time is generally one month, but may be longer depending on my work load. I will send pictures once your item is completed.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you'd like to make edits or changes to the design after it is dyed, that will require a 50% additional charge.**

Step 6:

Wear forever! You'll receive a one-of-a-kind tie dye garment that only you own. Wear it proud and wear it out!

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